Jaunty Cat Daily Sketch #25

angler design lang

I’m participating in another conceptart.org Character of the Week. This week’s character is a miniature pro angler. The brief says the character is very small (as in pinky-sized) and catches a fish to race.

– Taisa


Jaunty Cat Daily Sketch #20

painting of portrait from imagination
painting of portrait from imagination

I wanted to be more thoughtful in using color in order to make more lively skin tones.  Instead of using just a base color, a few darks and some beige highlights I played around more with saturation and added different hues in there.  Instead of just randomly plunking down dark-medium-light made sure to attempt to stick to the principles of how real skin reacts to light.  I love doing these sorts of color exercises.  Being as invested in my choices as I was in this study makes this a slower process but It pays off in the end.