Youtube Video Posted

We hope all is well with everyone!  We have filmed Taisa working on her wonderful drawing of a Steampunk character drawing.  The pen and ink process as well as the painting phase have been uploaded to Youtube.  Please feel free to like, comment and share the video if you enjoy.  We are in the process of recording so subscribe to be notified when we add content.



Adventures in Acrylic Wash Painting

Taisa is currently working on building a body of work in a new medium (well, new to her)…pen and ink colored with acrylic wash in a more stately style.  You see, many artists are using this method to create more pop or surrealist style.  Taisa is going for more of a Beatrice Potter, Arthur Rackham effect.  The really great thing about this is that it allows her to take advantage of her beloved pen and ink medium; a carryover from our anime days.  At this time we are complying a bunch of video footage of Taisa getting accustomed working on the style.  She has been hitting some real gems lately.

The tools that she’s found useful for working in this medium are very soft brushes and working in a monochromatic palette for the time being.  I am hesitant to advocate particular brands but Micron pens have been the most successful with working this way as they don’t bleed when the water-based acrylic color is added.


These are just a few of the delightful drawings Taisa has produced in this style recently.  There will be prints of these drawings available in our Etsy Shop soon.  We just recorded a video of her working in this style and there will be updates everywhere when those things come to pass.

Thanks again for liking, commenting and sharing our content, have a great day!

Inktober 2016


Tyra and I participated in this year’s Inktober.  As a reminder it is a month long challenge all of October were artists all over the world draw in ink.  And of course Inktober is always great for coming up with ideas.

More art is on our Instagram (

We do custom portraits in oil and graphite and have Etsy shop as well (


Fun with Ink and Color

I’m currently working on a series of illustrations chronicling the life of a royal family.

Royal portrait

I’m using ink and color pencil on my old standby, Bristol paper. I’ve been playing around with the medium for the past two days and did some experimenting with toned paper.

I want to work on marrying the ink and color more, and using the tone of the paper is just an added bonus. This just goes to show the breakthroughs you can get when you don’t rely on the same techniques all the time. I have a whole sketchbook to fill, the last page will be very interesting.


JauntyCat is now on Etsy!

Great news!  The Jaunty Cats are now on Etsy!  As of now we have listings for portrait art.  Color pencil portraits by myself (Tyra) graphite portraits by Taisa.

The link to the shop:

I’ll go ahead and plop one of the recent portraits here below.  This color pencil portrait by myself was done for a fabulous lady in California named Doris Hobbs who found us through our Instagram @JauntycatART.  Doris can be found on Instagram @richinlovefashion.  Her beautiful photos depict vintage clothing and historical landmarks.  Sharing this love of all things ornate and beautiful is what it’s all about!

Color Pencil Portrait_Vintage
11″x14″ Color pencil on Bristol paper; By: Tyra Willoughby

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