Happy Inktober 14th

Inktober 14th

Please enjoy this drawing of a delicious pumpkin pie. #Inktober


Inktober 2015

We interrupt this month’s Daily Sketches to bring you Inktober 2015.

Tyra Inktober 2nd

Inktober 2nd

This year we are both throwing our hats into the ring and participating. Right now my goal is to draw more details and arrange values to look aesthetically pleasant. Tyra is going to work on framing drawings, conveying form through value, and making cohesive illustrations. #inktober



WIP digital painting
WIP digital painting

Here is todays treat as well as some musings from us.

Taisa and I do live together and as we were discussing some concepts relating to art and drawing as we were wrapping up the day.  Why is it in todays society, we expect to be able to whip out a perfect nearly photorealistic rendering of anything with little to no reference?  I am asking this almost rhetorically because human beings aren’t God.  We can’t produce everything perfect without trying at the snap of a finger.  The best pros use reference heavily.  The old masters use reference.  Most really good contemporary artists use reference, even if that reference is a live human/fruit/horse.  There is no useful reason to beat yourself up over not being able to make a perfect drawing in a perfect environment with realistic lighting, especially if you haven’t studied it.  It may play into all of our desire to be seen as an expert of some sort but really, it is counterproductive to growth to avoid allowing real life to be a guide.

Sometimes, it feels like it does get in the way to have just one more obstacle standing in the way of this great painting but sometimes it’s just best to accept it as a part of the process.