Conclusion of Inktober2017

October has concluded and it kicked my butt.  I am working on a few oil paintings that I’d like to get done by the end of the year.  Taisa, however, went all in with it.  She got some amazing ideas out of it including but not limited to a full blown narrative!

In conclusion of this awesome art community event, it’s very important to use these community events as a learning experience.  We implore you guys out there to not use these things as a means of drawing just to say you’ve drawn but to use it to hone specific aspects of your work.  That’s my inspirational blerb for today.  Have a great week!


Jaunty Cat Daily Sketch #44


Tyra is painting over her pencil sketch of a 1920s flapper.

floating city thumbnails

And this is what my work looks like really really early into the brainstorming process. What you see are messing thumbnails of a floating city. What you don’t see is the list of ideas written out above it.