JauntyCat is now on Etsy!

Great news!  The Jaunty Cats are now on Etsy!  As of now we have listings for portrait art.  Color pencil portraits by myself (Tyra) graphite portraits by Taisa.

The link to the shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/JauntyCatGraphics

I’ll go ahead and plop one of the recent portraits here below.  This color pencil portrait by myself was done for a fabulous lady in California named Doris Hobbs who found us through our Instagram @JauntycatART.  Doris can be found on Instagram @richinlovefashion.  Her beautiful photos depict vintage clothing and historical landmarks.  Sharing this love of all things ornate and beautiful is what it’s all about!

Color Pencil Portrait_Vintage
11″x14″ Color pencil on Bristol paper; By: Tyra Willoughby

Contact us for any additional details on custom art/special requests!


Inktober 2015

We interrupt this month’s Daily Sketches to bring you Inktober 2015.

Tyra Inktober 2nd

Inktober 2nd

This year we are both throwing our hats into the ring and participating. Right now my goal is to draw more details and arrange values to look aesthetically pleasant. Tyra is going to work on framing drawings, conveying form through value, and making cohesive illustrations. #inktober



Liam Neeson Portrait

I’m not the greatest artist…I don’t have a lot of money…but what I do have are a special set of skills…

Okay I won’t go there but I’m so happy to have finished this color pencil portrait of actor Liam Neeson.  It isn’t often enough that I work on something long enough for it to get to a level that I would call finished.  I wanted to do a color portrait of a male human so the world can see that between myself and Taisa we don’t only draw adorable young girls.


Painting of dark brown skinned young lady.
Painting of dark brown skinned young lady.

I have finished this digital painting of a darker skinned young lady with natural hair.  This was a joy to work on and I learned a lot.  I did NOT do this strictly from imagination.  I used several photo references to cobble this together a person who doesn’t exist.  I didn’t use a terribly large array of reference for the hair which may or may not be a good thing. -Tyra